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Miércoles 21:40

A short film about the desire to say good bye to someone you lost unexpectedly. Starring Gal·la Sabaté Masip, Pablo Quero and Salvador Esteban.

Written, directed and produced 2015 by Nikolai Jacobi.

Drawing hope

60 seconds short film.
Starring Rosa Domènech, Alexandra Martín, Jose Garcia Garrido, Joana Carmona Ochoa.

Written and directed by Nikolai Jacobi. Produced 2015.

Awarded: Best narrative film (Toronto)

Croatian one-minute film festival
Festival do minuto (Brazil)
#TOFF (online)
Mister Vorky (Serbia)
Guck mal Günther, (Switzerland)
Leamington Underground Festival (England)
Toronto Urban Film Festival (Canada)
Festival Internacional de Microcortos (Spain)
Gotta Minute Film Festival (Canada)
Festival Intermacional 4 minutos en Corto
Wiper Film Festival (online)
Just a Minute Festival (online)
The Miniature Film Festival (Canada)
One Minute Film Festival (Switzerland)
Entr'2 marches, Cannes (France)

Colours of the night

Short film with Jörg Reichlin. 2015.

Based on a short story by Franz Kafka named «Die Vorüberlaufenden» or «The Passers-by»

Naoussa IFF (Greece)
Guck mal Günther, (Switzerland)
U.F.O. - Kurzfilmfestival (Germany)

Les Limaces

Short film with Germán de Diego. Based on a story by Nelly Gabriel.

Con C y Ñ (como cariño)

Short film with Àngela Monge and Germán de Diego. Written by Esther Kaufmann.

Ida y vuelta

Ultra short film (60 seconds) with Agusti Planes based on a story by Stephane Outkine.

One Minute Film Festival (2015)
Just A Minute Festival (2014)
Cineminuto Córdoba (2014)

quelqu'un m'a dit

Short film with Christophe Blanchet and Paride Ferrante

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